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Access to Technology  - The KEY to Inclusion

At EmployAbilities, we understand that technology is changing how people with disabilities or medical conditions interact with the world; perhaps, more importantly, it’s also shifting how the world interacts with them!

Are you an Inclusive Career Connections program participant with limited access to technology?

Or perhaps you’d like to join the program, but you’re concerned that you don’t have the required tech?

We’ve got you covered!

After acceptance in the Inclusive Career Connections Program, your Employment Coach will be able to connect you to our Lending Tech Library staff. They will help you learn about, select, and borrow devices and software most appropriate to your needs.

Tablets (with video and audio capabilities)


Noise Cancelling Headphones

Single-Handed Keyboards

Large Key Keyboards

Large Screen Monitors

Mobile Phones

Applications such as Microsoft Office 2016, Ultra Keys (keyboarding), Adobe Reader/ Google Chrome

How Do I Borrow?

Inclusive Career Connections clients connect with their Employment Coach to assess their specific tech needs.  Once the Program Supervisor approves the recommendation, the client will sign the equipment forms and rules and receive an orientation to the piece of equipment. 


How Long Can I Keep the Equipment?

Loans are typically provided for the duration of your participation in the Inclusive Career Connections Program or upon employment, based on equipment availability. Loan extensions may be possible, depending on the need and available equipment.

Don’t Let a Lack of Technology Stop You from Finding Your Dream Job!

Reach Out to Us Today so we can GET YOU CONNECTED!